Quran Memorization Course

Quran Memorization Online (HIFZ) For Kids and Adults


Quran memorization course is taught just to those students who are capable of reciting the Holy  Quran perfectly with Tajweed.

Quran Memorization 

is to learn every word of it by heart. Memorizing the Quran is different from memorizing any other piece of text. It is a great responsibility to learn Quran memorization correctly, as you cannot and must not change any word or even the slightest makharij.

Changes in makharij often change the entire meaning and context of the word and the verse in its entirety. It is the message of Allah, thus should be learned and held with immense concentration and great responsibility.
The Quran memorization course will help you learn Quran memorization through individual Quran online classes to become Hafiz Quran / Hafiza Al Quran. You or your children will learn how to memorize the Quran in a practical and interactive way. Whether you need to learn Quran memorization for yourself or your children, our dedicated Quran teachers will do their best to simplify the entire Quran memorization program. They will start with you or your children by memorizing the short surahs and moving on to the long surahs, then memorizing the complete surahs (the juz’), and the whole Quran at the end.

It is a course for HIFZ classes. Indeed, HIFZ is the memorization of QURAN. We offer HIFZ of the whole Quran and the selective verses as well. For this reason, it is an Islamic exercise to boost memory and avoid mental disorders. It started in the period of the Prophet. No doubt, reading Quran is compulsory, and memorization remains an optional one. However, one may lead the whole family to heaven if he memorizes the Quran. We offer Quran memorization online in an easy way.
At the beginning of our lessons, we provide light doses; light work till one maintains one’s brain very healthy. Once the brain becomes addictive, we increase the time and study planning smoothly. Surely, one may start HIFZ from the age of 8 to 60 and above.